2. Unit 2 – Making arrangement


Tiếng anh phổ thông lớp 8 – Unit 2: Making arrangement

I) Grammar: 


The future

1)The present continuos:
We use the present continuos to talk about arrangements that we have made for the future.
EG:I’m staying with my friends in Greece next month.
I’m seeing a play tomorrow night.

2)Be +going to = be gonna V (We use in spoken)
1. to talk about what we intend to do
EG:I’m going to start takinng more exercise.
I’m going to learn a new language.
I’m gonna learn a new language.

2.to predict the future when we know what will happen b/c of what we can see now.
EG: Look at that blue sky! It’s going to be a lovely day.
Watch out! You’re going to fall.

3)The meanings of will.
We use will to:
1.to talk about our determination to do sth.
EG:will learn how to use a computer!

2. Make a request.
EG:Will you show me how to gwt there?

3.show unwillingness or inability to do sth
EG: He won’t do the washing-up
The car won’t start!

4. make a promise.( 1 lời hứa)
EG:Of course I’ll take you the cinema.

5.make a decision.(1 sự quyết định)
EG:I’ll go and buy a dictionary tomorrow.

6.offer help
EG: I’ll help you with that suitcase.

7.Make a prediction.
EG:It’ll probably rain tomorrow.

II) Vocabulary:
-Come up with: to think of an idea, answer, etc.

-Come over: if S.O comes over, they visit you at your house.

- Pick sb up: to let S.O get into your cars, boats, etc and take some where.

-encourage sb to do sth.
-encourage sb in sth.

Speak and talk!
1.When you mention what language S.O uses, always use speak.
EG:She speaks (= how to use)English and French .

2. When you ask for S.O on the phone, use speak.
EG: Can I speak to Mecghi?

3.You can use speak words. Don’t use talk
EG:I spoke the words as clearly as I could.

4. You can talk sense or talk nonsense. Don’t use speak.
EG: I think she talks a lot of sense.

III) Structure
EG: I ate two cakes hungrily in class this morning!


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